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  2. Hello i am a sistla from vishakhapatnam a.p india….. i want to know more about my title and my ancesstory

  3. Hi, me from Hyderabad, India and just want to know more about our Sir name ‘Sistla’, like origin, etc. I have ‘Canchi’ also as sir-name along with ‘Sistla’. Could any one our community explain how could we have arrived this?


  4. Good question!
    I too have the same question as most of us might have.

    I guess it came from “Shista” meaning “Good”

    “la” in Telugu would be meaning “of”… the adverbial word.

    On the whole: it would mean “Of Good” or “Good People” 🙂

  5. Hai,

    Sistla great surname in brahmin community.I proud got married with sistla girl.

  6. A great ‘sir’ name. Pls. change to Sur name

  7. Nice to see Sistla’s World

  8. I am thrilled to see a web page devoted to the sistla family. I stumbled across this website, when I was looking for Sistla on the eWorld. GO GO sistla! You the boss!!

  9. We belong to pallapatla sistla. There is also manchala sistla. Glad that smt sistla janaki is also from pallapatla sistla. I belong to the 9th generation

  10. I am thrilled to see Sistla name on the web.
    We are from Manchalla Sistla. Manchalla is a village which is 11 miles from Guntur.
    Some of my cousins are still there.f

  11. Hi…. I am from the Sistla family tree. I think Manchala is one of our origins. My grandfather used to live in Manchala; a village near Vijayawada. I have been there only one. My cousins still reside there. Anyone wanting to connect plz. write to me on:

  12. its great.. i m shocked..
    i jus typed sistla in google search bar n found a web page of sistla.. its really nice.. fine anyways friends i m amar sistla studying btech ece in sastra university.. i jus wanna kno bout sistla raghuvamsi 4m vizag..
    hey if at all u go thro this note of mine plz leave a comment .. anyways rock sistla rock..

  13. Dear Amar,

    good to see your post, If you are looking for Raghu Vamsi, i have his mail id:

    Let me know this helps you out or not


    Prasad Sistla

  14. My ancesters, to my knowledge, are from Pallapatla Sistla., in Guntur District. Pallapatla is on the way from Repalle to Nizampatnam. My grand father ‘Sistla Peda kamaiah Garu’ resided in ‘Potumeraka’ near Repalle. He had four issues and my father Sistla Thimmavadhanulu Garu is fourth son. We settled at Hyderabad.

  15. Hi,

    I belong to the Sistla family as well. My grandfather and his ancestors used to live in Manchala and then he moved to Hyderbad. His name is Sistla Venakata kishtaiah. They were 5 brothers. I am, his grand daughter am, in the US. I would like to know more about this family tree. Please do send me an e-mail

  16. hai
    iam ravi sankar sarma from vijayawada
    indevi nagar

  17. I am Shashank Sistla. I am ten years old.You can make family trees in was born in Vishakapatnam,Andhra,India

  18. Hi Sistlas! I am from the family of sistlas from Khandriga,near vijayawada, working as chief Naturopathy dr in a reputed international institute at Bangalore. If any of our sistlas need my help, pl dont hesitate to contact me with complete details.My email Id is .

  19. Hi am sistla Phanidhar…. From Chennai. My Father and brother are doctors at Nellore. My ancestors hail from Manchala … My Mail Id:

  20. I am the yongest son of S. Dakhina Murthy. Sri. Ramaswamy Sastry is my grandfather from Khandriga(Jagannadhapuram)near Vijayawada.. I have only one son . He is Mahesh. He us B,Tech computers graduate doing own business. My elder brothers Yoganandalakshminarasimham,
    Satynanarayana Murthy, Suryanarayana, Venketarama Sastry, and Yagnanarayana. already published our names in “Sistla Vamsa Vruskshum”. I am always happy for born and thanks for living in this respectable family. I am happy to know about all of you. expecting further more fame and respect through our activities.

  21. I belong to Manchalla Sistlas. I am working in New Delhi. Can any body supply me with a copy of “Sistla Vamsa Vriksham.” Thanks.

  22. Hi Guys

    I have an idea. Why not we organise a meeting at Hyderabad for Sistla people. This will help to bring more Sistla people closer. Any comments?

  23. Kindly note that the name in the second address is Sistla Subbarayudu and NOT dAKSHINA MURTHY! SORRY FOR THE WRONG TYPO!

  24. Hi Sistla Family,

    I have an idea. Why not we organise a meeting at Hyderabad for Sistla people. This will help to bring more Sistla people closer. Any comments?

  25. We belong to a agraharam named Peddavaram near Vinukonda,Guntur District,AP.

    Kindly respond to my eamil id.

  26. Hi Guys, I am frm Konduri Family but my Mom is frm Sistla Family originally from Manchala I suppose. I want to know if there is any family tree available for Sistla people.

  27. Wow I’m actually the first reply to your incredible read!

  28. Hello, Very much thrilled to know that there are so many companions here sharing the great Surname “Sistla”. I belong to Nizampatnam Sistla family and reside in Hyderabad. Very nice to meet all of you here. Thank You.

  29. Dear brothers and sisters of Sistla family

    We belong to Velnuthala Near Gannavaram (Railway Station is Tarigoppula on Vijayawada-Gudivada route). My father is Late Bhavanarayana Sastry Garu.

    My Chinna Annayya Sri S V L N Sarma, Hyderabad took pain and efforts in arranging compilation of Vamsa Vruksham of Sistla’s family

    Nice to see all of our Sistla family members.

    Happy to see our Vamsa Vruksham grow

  30. How many sistlla family members are there in Bangalore? I would like to collect the information.Pl. forwaed the information to my e mail address– If god permit, we all can meet some time

  31. any one related to sistla hanumachasastry a great

    hanuman upasaka how knows about ekadasa hanuman, a photo printed by him long back in 1987

    i found it in machilipatnam.if any one can give his old address or any details about this upasana pl mail me.with him agsaya sara somhitha must be there.–hari

  32. Namasta to all ,
    I am somayajulu from Yellamanchili near visakhapatnam settled in Hyd. Very nice to meet all of you here. Thank You

  33. Hi, My is Anil Sistla.
    Iam from kanakavalli , near vuyyuru,krishna dst.

    Iam son of Sistla Subbraya sastry garu and my grand father is Sistla Lakshmipathi somayajulu garu..

    Thank You, Anil

  34. I have a copy of the published book Sistla “Vamsavriksham”. People interested in knowing the details can contact me.
    This family has been traced to 12-13th century AD, where this Manchalla agraharam was donated to our ancestor by one Reddy King. The name “sistla” is closer to the sanskrit name “Sistha – followers of Achara-Vyavahara as prescribed in the religious texts.

  35. I can scan the copy of the vamsa-vriksham and make a pdf copy. But, I am hesitant to put it on the web because of copy rights of the publishers. Interestingly in some of the branches where there is no son in the family, the book puts an end to the lineage of that branch by stating “nissantu” -not having any children, even if they have a girl(s) in that lineage. This hurts us a bit in these modern days.
    Vedic texts belong to the patriarchal society where we see the bards/rishis often praying to the gods to give them “sons” and there is no mention of daughters! This kind of thinking can also be found in some editions of The Ramayana where Dasaradha had a daughter named “Santa”, but still Dasaradha went on to perform Putrakamesthi to have sons/children. It is also interesting to know that King Harischandra (as mentioned in Aitereya Brahmana) had 100 wives, but no sons (no mention of daughters here). After that he prays to Varuna on the advise of his family priest Vasistha to beget a son named Rohita (the red one).

  36. Another interesting social aspect of this Vamsavriksha is the mention of Sati by a woman around the time of Krishna Devaraya of Vijayanagara empire.

  37. Hi,

    This is SISTLA Phani Chandra from Vijayawada. For your surprise, initially the surname was “etukuchi”. Because of the very stringent and strict aachara-vyavahara that was folowed by our ancesotrs, they were termed as “Sishtulu” – which got translated eventually into “Sistla” and settled as our surname. Our ancestors settled at various places, in and around Krishna/Guntur districs basing out of Manchala, Vennuthala, Pallapatla etc. villages/agraharams. Though our ancestors belong to the same family, due to this settlements at various places for living needs, we are all separated and formed sects within the “Sistla” community with place prefixes. Long ago I had access to a copy of Vamsha Vriksham developed by one of our relative, who was residing in Hyderabad. Unfortunately I couldn’t protect the copy. However, if all of us unite, we can develop one on the net and help the “Sistla” families come together and cooperate towards development of individuals and families with the help of our brothers/sisters/uncles and all other family members who are in capable positions.

    You may contact me on for relationship building.

    Thank you all,
    Phanichandra Sistla,
    Srinagar Colony, Hyderabad.

  38. Dear Mr. Sistla Phani Chandra,
    I have got the Family Tree of Sistlas in pdf form of the size 26MB. If you need the copy, pl. write to me at: My full name is Sistla Suryanarayana Murthy, S/o . Sri Sistla Purnananda Sastry garu of Pattabhipuram, Guntur. We belong to Manchalla agraharam. I am located in New Delhi.
    With best regards,
    Murthy, SSN.

  39. “Sistla’s Family Tree” in pdf format! Pl. contact Murthy, SSN at
    We ‘The Sistlas” are all greatly indebted to Sri Sistla Venkata Purnachandra Sekhara Sastry garu for the compilation of this book which I have convereted to pdf form. I do not know whether I am violating the copy-rights, but I am sure that the publishers will excuse me for this as the purpose of the book is greatly enhanced by my act.
    With many thanks to the publishers of the book.
    Murthy, SSN.

  40. Hi !
    It’s my privilege to get introduced to all the Sistlaians across the globe.I am the grandson of Late SRI SISTLA LAKSHMIPATHY SASTRY garu,who was the founder and managing partner of ‘LAKSHMI GENERAL STORES’,the famous cloth stores in vijayawada.This firm stood as a symbol of pride for the brahmin community all the years it served.Customers not just from brahmin families but all segments of the society were provided quality silk sarees and all varieties of cloth overs 60yrs. ‘SRI LALITHA FOODS AND PICKLES’ is now the core business of our family and has been serving customers all over the globe in proving quality pickles,powders and spices in customised methods to suite the tastes in individual as well. Smt S.L.K.Durga,W/O Sri S.V.D.N.Sastry was the founder of this business and has been running succesfully for the last 12 years.I have pleasure to greet a very Happy New Year 2011 to one and all.

  41. Hi !
    I would like to share my contact details:
    mobile : 98482-88778

  42. Hi…I am Sistla v l n sarma from Adavuladeevi village of Repalle Taluk in Guntur District. We are two sons of late Sistla Suryanarayana garu of Adavuladeevi. My elder brother is S.S.Sarma and we both are settled in Hyderabad for the long time. Pallapatla sistla family is related to us. Ours is big family with cousins of forefathers who reside both in Adavuladeevi as well as Hyderabad. We are also related to Kuchinapudi Sistla family.

  43. Hai i’m Sistla Aditya Koundinya from khammam.originated from lankapally agraharam of 12 sistla clan’s agraharams. my grand father has migrated to khammam in 1956.
    do u know sistla has 2 gothrams i.e koundinyasa n kashyapasa main is koundinyasa which is the part of my name. any way i’m very happy to see our people together like this.

  44. my mobile number: 9908426962
    any sistla person can contact this number.

  45. Dear Aditya

    in your recent post you said, sistla sur name has only two gothrams, how did you come to that conclusion? I am a sistla but my gothram is gargeyasa. What do you say about this?

  46. My forefathers hails from Velnutala Agraharam of Krishna District near Gannavaram. My Grand father name is Late Sri Sakshi Bhavanarayana. My father had two brothers. One of them adopted to my Grand Father’s Brother Late Sri Sisisla Lakshminarasimham who settled at Vijayawada. My father name is Radhakrishna and my uncle’s name is Saibaba. Alomost we had grown at Gudivada as my Grand father did his Rice Mill Business at Gudivada. Now I am working at Visakhapatnam in United India Insurance Co.Ltd., and happy to know other sistlaians across the Globe

  47. sir my name is palasetti venkata sai ganesh and iam loving to manasa manchalla both brahmin familys only……………..but girl parents not agree my love……..

  48. I’m Sistla V Ramana, Civil Engineer and Project Manager.

  49. I’m Sistla V Ramana, Civil Engineer and Project Manager in a private org.
    My mail belong to gundlakamma,near Vinukonda.
    I wish to know more about our sistla family

  50. its a great sir name

  51. i am working as srichaitanya faculty my id

  52. hai our origin is Viswaswara agraharam E.G.dt and we migrated narsapur W.g.dt my grand father name is SISTLA SURYANARAYANA my father name sistla seetharamayya and my name is suryanarayana
    if any contact me at

  53. Dear All,

    Nice to see the messages, I am from another great surname “AVADHANAM”, I got a friend she is from Sistla family, they are based in Anantapur district of Rayalseema region. Anyone from this region?


  54. I am very happy to know abot our suname and its origin.I am srinivas sistla s/o Daksinamurthy sistla..yellamnchili,vizag dist.. now residing in bangalore…now onwards will work to establish contacts with sistlians all over the globe..
    sistla srinivas

  55. This a website to know about Sistla family..the history traced from 12 th century of now..Vamshavriksha was published..

  56. happy to know more about sistla surname..origin 12-13 th century AD..

  57. Hello Sistlas.

    This is a good effort to build up the Vamsa Vriksha.. Let’s be modest in our efforts. I would like the name for this website as Sistlas’ Vamsa Vriksha. People around us should recognize our efforts to the society and then call us ‘great’. We don’t self-praise our surname or our ancestors. That way the concept of social networking will work. Whoever finds a sistla will guide them to this website so long we don’t blow our own trumpet. Further get modernized, whether it is a male child or a female child.. if they want to identify with sistlas what’s wrong?
    Hope the admin realizes this..
    with all the best wishes..

  58. Hi, I am Ramesh Chandra Sistla, Currently living in UK, our ancestors are from the Lankapalli Agraharam, a few of my
    predecessors and family members have contributed and researched to make the lineage (Vamsa Vriksha) of Sistlas which is published in 1995. I was searching for this book and recently got hold of it
    it has a hierarchy of male members only in various branches (shaka) upto around 8 generations. This publication is in Telugu and only has names of the decendants. I am trying to put this into more detail
    and maybe with all your help trace this further. I will post on this site when I have the data in some presentable form.

  59. Hi Ramesh

    It is indeed a great job to our Sistla clan. We, Sistlas, are eagerly waiting buddy. Keep it up. I have one pdf file which also deals vamsa vriksha, you may need to check it up. Pl. email me (, in case if you like to see.


    Balaji Canchi Sistla

  60. Hai,
    I am SISTLA HANUMATH SANKAR native of Vijayawada.

  61. HI this is sunil kumar sistla from hyderabad
    my native is vinukonda – guntur dist
    my fathers name is sistla venkata ramana
    my grand fa’s name is sistla venkateswara sarma

    any one can recollect these names ??

  62. This is Srinivas Sistla, the grandson of Sistla Sivanamdam, the last Karanam of Manchalla, the native village of all Sistlas’ of Koundinyasa gotra; you may contact me for further details:

  63. Its is really great to know about Sistlas’ family.
    I heard this name many times. Is Sri Late Sri Seetharama Sastry, CA of vijayawada is related to any one here.= Adiseshu Babu Mylavarapu, Bangalore my email:

  64. hi sistla’s

    Nice to see this website especially dedicated to our surname.coming to sistla this is one of the best surname i ever seen. my forefathers are from vennutala krishna district my grand fathers name is sistla sriram murthy who has worked in lakshmi general stores@vijayawada as gumasta for few years and later shifted to west godavari on business and settled in west godavari and i am his grand daughter and ours is koundinyasa gotram .

  65. Its great family name

  66. Hi Adiseshu garu, this is Balasubrahmanya Sastry grandson of Late Sri Sistla Lakshmipathy Sastry garu, Founder & Managing partner of the M/s Lakshmi General Stores Vja., ………..It has been quite some time that i could meet some one who was related to our shop especially through the intrenet and Sistla’s World.It would always be a privelage to represent our Firm as well as our Family despite of the tragedy.Now once again we are happy to meet all our Loyal customers/employees by the virtue of our Pickles

  67. too bad cast based politics 😦 this is y india not developing

  68. whether u r bramin or muslim that is not your that if u r sistila or shit i do not care

  69. who the f—–k Ali you are? What the hell you are doing here? Hold you tongue, lest you have to pay for that

  70. Kindly remove all the dirty and abusive messages automatically by the web site managers …..

  71. Dear SSN Murthy garu, can you please email sistla family tree PDF file to my eamil id …thank you.

  72. hiiiiiiiiiiiiii guys,
    iam also belonging to this SISTLA family!!!
    when i cme to know about our website its awesome like anything,
    i like this website so much !!!
    aAnd guys do you know the singer S.JANAKI her S stands for sistla 🙂

  73. hai this is the great community and surname,i am from manchalla near guntur,still we are staying there only.

  74. Dear all ,long back i put a not for sistal hanuchasastry,saying he is a great hanumath bhakta..fortunately i found one book written by him on hanumath upasan in pdf format .later on when i am searching for some other issues sri Annadanam chidambarasasry garu also refering the same book.Be proud he is from sistla family.i found he is from peddapadu near eluru,krishna his book he says he is not writting any thing of his own and the ritchual followed by his elders. any one from his family can contact me!!!
    In his book he narates how to make pataka(flages)puja of vanara pramukhas (sugreeva,angada,jambavantha ..)and for heathyness in which direction of the village they are to be kept.directions of vanaras if hanuma is at centre..very valuble information..

  75. Your message is very interesting. I would like to know that in full – u are from which place. Now I am in Bangalore. Can I have that book – I am a spiritual oriented person – decided to render service activities in rural area near Devarakonda via.Bhakrapet where Lord Venkateswara was here with Bibi Nancharamma before moving to Tirumala hills. Hari Om Thatsat

  76. Hi, I am S.V. Mohan Prasad S/o Late Sistla Subbarayudu, Agraharam Eluru. We are six brothers and six siters. All brothers settled in Hyderabad.

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  78. Hi,
    My name is Radha Sistla and I am granddaughter of Sistla Lakshmipathy Sastry Garu. I am his 2nd son’s daughter. It is very nice to see there are so many people from the sistla surname. I was just trying to find my grandfather’s name on the internet and any information related to him and got to know a lot of the Sistla family tree. I would like to get a copy of the Sistla family tree pdf. If any body has this please send it to my mail address


  79. Hi,
    My name is Sai Surya Ram Kumar Sistla and my Grandfather’s name is Sistla Surya Narayana Murthy. They are from Peruru Village near Amalapuram. I am very delighted to see all sistla people at one place. My parents are currently living in Gudivada near Viajayawada. I am been in Hyderabad working in a Film Institute. I want very interested to know about our Vamsavruksham. I learnt very small about it from my relatives but I want to know more. Is there anyone who can tell me. My Gotram is Koundinyasa.

  80. Dear SSN Murthy garu, Please email our Sistla family tree PDF to my email id, I am the grandson of Late Sistla Seetharamaswamy Garu from Manchala, Guntur district. Currently I am living in Bangalore and would like to know about our family history

  81. I am also a member of sistla’s family I am very proud to be innsistla family

  82. Hi,
    I am Sistla Venkata Maruthi Sivaram, S/o Sri Sistla Narasimha Sastry, Our native place Chinkapalem,Palapatla Taluka, Repale, Gunture District. We are reisiding at Vanasthalipuram, Hyderabad. Please forward the PDF to my mail ID I am very much interest to know the details about our family history. These details will give great happiness to our elders they may scattered at different places, if they able to get contacts with long back left over family members. – Sivaram

  83. hi friends . iam now proud to say that iam also in sistla’s family. iam from machilipatnam.

  84. Hi i am sistla chandrateja, currently working in Verizon and our basic origin is from manchala, near guntur district. My great grand father name is Sistla Venkata kistayya. I am proud to be a part of SISTLA family

  85. Dear All,

    I am also from sistla and in a need to know about my grand parents who’s surname is Sistla…

    50 years back, my father was missed in west godavari dist at some railway station(he dint remember railway station name).My grand father’s native place is Mogalturu(West godavari) and we heared that they later moved to vijayawada..we went to mogalturu and got some information…my grand mother name is Sistla annapurnamma..

    could you please let me know if you know anyone from vijayawada who is from sistla group and know about my grand mother name Sistla annapurnamma..

    and one more point is my father remembers his name was Ganapathy…

    Eagarly waiting for a positive from you…

    Thank you in advance,

  86. Please write me to…if you know or got any information…

  87. my name is Sistla Vennkata ramana my elder brother’s name is Sistla Ravishankar we live in Hyderabad our father Sri Sistla Venkata Krishna Murthy worked as Dy.Supdt. of police retired in 1986 his entire service was done in the present state of Telangana We are Settlers of Hyderabad.

  88. My name is sistla v mohan prasad and my father’s name is late sri sistla subbarayudu, we are six brothers and three sisters. All settled in Hyderabad.

    I would like to be in touch with all sistla group. Kindly reply. Thanks Mohan

  89. hi family,
    This is Krishna Murty Sistla

  90. i am sistla santhi father’s name is sistla suryanarayana.we are from peddavaram agraharam,vinukonda mandal,guntur dist.we settled in hyderabad.i am very happy to see so many sistla people here.

  91. Hello nice to meet you
    I’m Mohan Prasad son of sistla subbarayudu agraharam Eluru settled @hyderabad

  92. I am Sistla Ramarao, son of Late Sistla Seetharama Sastry, CA, from Vijayawada.
    AdiSeshu Babu mylavarapu: You were asking about my father, whether he is the same one or not which you were looking for, I am not Sure about. But my father migrated to Maharashtra state in 1960’s in Nagpur.

    I can be reached at

  93. I am Sistla Ramarao, son of Late Sistla Seetharama Sastry, CA, from Vijayawada.
    AdiSeshu Babu mylavarapu: You were asking about my father, whether he is the same one or not which you were looking for, I am not Sure about. But my father migrated to Maharashtra state in 1960’s in Nagpur.
    We are also from Khandriga, near Vijayawada, some places we are related to our stay for some brief period were Khandriga, Nagavarapadu, thotagunta, (Nagpur, Chandrapur) in Maharashtra.
    My mother’s name is Sistla Anasuya Visalakshmi. She is from Seethepalli family in Nagavarapadu before her marriage.

    I can be reached at

  94. Hellow ravisastry garu iam A.krishna.rao who learned hardwear in internet center of huzurnagar i want now the cetificate of the wear of the sri krishna net center ,please arrange same which learned so far For which act of kindness i will be gratefull to you Thanking you sir yours obdiently A.k.rao

  95. Hello i am a sistla from narsapur a.p india….. i want to know more about my title and my ancesstory

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