Posted by: sistla | March 11, 2008

welcome Sistlians

Dear Sistlians,

its good to see that sistlians from differnt parts of the globe are coming to this page by sharing thoughts and views.

keep going …….

keep posting……….

Keep sharing ……….


Prasad Sistla



  1. Sistla orginated from Sanskrit word sista-which is opposite of Dushta

  2. Our ancestors hailing from Velnutala of Krishna Distrct Near Vijayawada. Now I am at Visakhapatnam.

  3. Our ancestors hailing from Velnutala of Krishna Distrct Near Vijayawada. Now I am at Visakhapatnam.

  4. Very nice to see our sistla people…

    I am sistla srinivas…my father name sistla dakshina murthy, yellamnachili.. vizag dt. Andhra..

    I am running my own education centre in bangalore…
    happy to see sistla surname people …


    Rama Sarma VS Sistla

  6. can sistlians afford love marriage system???i’ve heard dey don/t support???is it true??/

  7. happy to see u all

  8. Hi my self Sistla Ramakrishna Sastry. My father is Sistla Dakshana murthy.
    I am working as senior consultant in IBM India Hyderabad.

    The information which I have gathered from parents and elders, there was a great
    spiritual Brahmin from Sistla family in Krishna District. He has a good relation with the area land lord.By god grace 14 agaraharas given to that Brahmin by lanlord. some of them
    includes kandriga , vennutala, kanakvalli and so on..

    Sistla families spread across these areas.

    coming to our details, at that time there was heavy rains or drought situation in krishna
    district. People are struggling for food.

    at that time for relaxation land lord moved to guntur district. The brahmin has been moved
    along with land lord. After some days he has requested landlard to go back to kandriga.
    land lord suggested to spend more days. Brahmin replies saying” I have food here but what
    about my people?.

    The land lard given some more agraharams like bellampally near sattenapally.

    As the Brahmin see the river Gundlakamma and thought that it is a good place for his
    spiritual activities and requested the land lord.

    He has been provided with area of Peddavaram(Agraharam). This is in Guntur District near Vinukonda.

    We are the sixth generation people.

    reach me at

  9. hi myself sistla sowjanya
    my ancestors are from Krishna district velnutala later they shifted to vijayawada and now my parents are residing in bhimavaram happy to these many people with our surname

  10. Hi My Grand Father name is Sakshi Bhavanarayana and shifted from velnutala to Gudivada . We grown up at Gudivada. I am having 3 children. Now I am working at Visakhapatnam. Happy to know more & more Sistlaians and if u happened to Visit Vizag don’t hesitate to call me. Rama Sarma

  11. Great…more people response..Happy to see more people involvement.

    Sistla Ramakrishna Sastry

  12. Happy to see

  13. Its great to see you all here i have came from a sistla family our ancestral place is nizampatnam near to repalle in Guntur Dist. I am Chaitanya Kapardhi Sistla and my father name was sistla sree venkata Sree rama chandra murthy sastry sarma he was the 2nd elder son of Late sistla venkata subramanya sastry & LakshmiDevamma now we have settled in Visakhapatnam from last 20 years.

    for More information reach me on

  14. Hari om
    I am Sistlam Narayana sarma from Bangalore ,kindly let me know the meaning of sistlam and what id difference with SISTLA Cell 9986464546

  15. Hello everyone, I am doing some research on Velnutala village in Krishna district. Would anyone know which tehsil or firka or mandal it belonged to in the 1960s-1970s?

  16. Hello! I am into Sistla family. I have the vamsa vriksham which my father in law prepared. I am sure you must be mentioning or referring the same. I want to update the same with all of your help.

  17. Good meeting all you my dear Sistla family members. Very happy to find all of you here. Please do contact me via email at

  18. I am sistla lakshmi pathi sastry Bhimavaram

  19. Dear Sistlians,

    I am Sistla Kumara Venkata Krishna Sastry. My father’s name is Sistla Durga Nageswara Sastry. Grand Father’s name is Sistla Lakshmipathy Sastry (late). He was the founder of the once popular cloth showroom in Andhra Pradesh. Its name was Lakshmi General Stores. He also founded few other retail stores, all around Besant road in Vijayawada. I heard that my forefathers came from Vennothala in Krishna District, near Vijayawada. I have a vamsa vruksham which my brother procured some time back. Not sure if I can upload it here. I currently reside in Chicago,IL.


  20. Even I do have a copy of the vamsavruksha. I am also a native of Vijayawad (currently residing in Hyderabad). Dr. Sistla Viswanatha Sastry and Sri Sistla Ramalinga Murthy (Ex-Corporator, Satyanarayanapuram) are brothers of my father Sistla Subrahmanya Sastry. Hope you would be able to recognize them. Let us keep in touch and plan some activities for the welfare of Sistla familities, especially the one in troubles and suffering from poverty. Nice to find you here on this blog.

    Sistla Phanichandra Bhushan

  21. I am Sista Venkata Narasimha Kumar. Native – Machilipatnam, Krishna District. My great grand father is ‘Sista Narasimha Sastry’ – Erra sastrulu garu, fondly remembered by Poets of his time. His friends include famous Tirupathi venkata kavulu. I am in Seattle, WA. My mail id is I wanted to share an exciting thing with you all – There is a book called – Sista vari visishtvamu, written by Tirupathi venkata kavulu (if I am not wrong). I am trying to get an access to that. One of the copy should be available in Noble college library, Machilipatnam, Krishna Dt. I wil connect with you on Vamsa vriksham,

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