Hi, this is Prasad Sistla from Hyderabad. We hail from Machlipatnm and settled in Hyderbad 100 year back.



  1. Emiyatta Hello World… assale Sistlians are known for creativity… antha vuthi vuthine naaa???

  2. Hey Sriram,

    I’ve created this blog long back, but starting from now i will be posting comments on it.

  3. ‘Venkatadri Samam Sthanam Brahmande Naasthi Kinchana’
    ‘Venkatesa samo devo nabhootho nabhavishyathi’

    Nice start up… Kalou Venkata Nayaka

    …….Satyanarayana Sistla

  4. hi this is sistla sakshi koundinya v 2 brahmins settle in hyd

  5. hi this is somayajulu hailed from yellamanchili Vizag dist settle in hyd
    My Grand mother parents surname is Missula,my mother fathers’ surname is Kandigonda WG dist.
    my wife is from Maddiptla family.
    Any relatives from any of these surnames send e mail or sms it will be greatful as I have started writing our relatives

  6. Hi
    This is sistla Srinivas from yellamanchili..vizag Dist..Mother’s father surname Maddipatla, We have missula surname eople as relatives..My father name is Dakshina murthy …
    I stay in bangalore. sistla31@yahoo.co.in

  7. It is wonderful art so called god’s gift using finger knails to create painting pictures.I wish you sir to come up with more library.Wishing you long life. and many more awards for your valued art.
    D.D.A.Rtd.Palasa.,Srikakulm distt.

  8. Namaskaar, Sistla Ravikiran Shastry here …

    I had created a SISTLAS website long back (1998) … and then left it for the nextgen! …
    Much of that is still on the Web ( http://www.oocities.org/sistlas/ )

    By the way my father was born and spent his early life in Macchlipattanam/Gudiwada …

    As was with your family perhaps, my father had to move to Hyderabad for higher studies in 1936 !!!

    Our hometown still is Guntur !!!

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